Where do we go from here…

Why are we the way we are?

In some world above so close,

in here so far.

Paddling along the same stream

yet, never at par.


Some are rich hence considered good,

and poor is mostly bad.

Some of this religion are

always fighting with some of that.


The perimeters of beauty have been limited.

i thought we all were made of same stars.

These inequalities are the deepest wound,

and segregation we create the ugliest scar.


Festering roots of conflict,

might one day eat us away.

If soon we don’t realize

that different people have different ways.


Only together we can create,

paradise on earth.

Or else we should refrain,

from giving another birth.




Stories of the scattered dreams,

and that of the forbidden fruit,

the one wish a genie grants,

what if everything is truth!


Have you ever thought?

Maybe, the battles with dragons were really fought.

And all the scattered dreams were just tears,

the forbidden fruit was nothing but fear.

What if the genie’s wish, was only a bait dear?

Did the dragons really breath fire?

Or were they the demons of our burning desire.


Are we even real and do we see,

realty the way it is supposed to be.

Were we ever free?

Or our freedom was gone,

as soon as we were born.

Minding my own belief.

Life is a mere conflict of believes,

Both from the inside and the outside.

You see,

The Christians went on the crusades,

Only for their faith, they believed to be right.

It was inner conflict that revealed to them,

True nature of things in plain sight.


The wheel of dharma turned when,

Ashoka conquered himself and not the world.

Spreading his belief in peace that all understood,

He became a great one.


The few years we are here on the planet,

I think should not be wasted,

Fighting against someone’s believe,

Or Defending the truth you never tasted.


I feel kant was right

To criticise, the fight plato and aristotal begun.

He said,

To see knowledge in its true form,

All the dogmas first need to be done.


To untangle your own wool,

Rather than poking what your neighbour has spun.

Will restore upon you a better clearity,

And a life that would be fun.


Am I free

Tried to Open my eyes this morning,
Found my eyelids were in chains.
They were heavy and I was unable to see,
And this feeling pertained.
Somehow with half of the visual,
I interpreted the world.

Bumping every other minute into someone,
I walked cursing the world.
With a few distorted colours I saw,
I inferred how everything looks.
The missing shades and the lines,
My ignorant mind readily cooked.

Somehow i Got into conflict,
with everyone who came along and disagreed.

Trusting my vision that was too limited,
And mind that was not free.
I walked down the road
As if I was the only one who could see.

Deep down I guess I knew,
This wasn’t the reality.
My mind soon was flooded,
With questions on logic, reason and morality.
Agitated that day,
I sat around the corner.
To my surprise what I notice was clinging chains everywhere.

Explorer I was supposed to be..

I want no North

I want no South,

no east i want, nor west.

Give me back the land we roamed upon,

the seas we traveled and it would be the best.


Take back your nations

And all your boundaries,

with all the fences that came for free.

Take back your false center of powers,

and all your concrete money trees.


Just give me back the world Homer talks about.

And the explorer I was supposed to be.