Stories of the scattered dreams,

and that of the forbidden fruit,

the one wish a genie grants,

what if everything is truth!


Have you ever thought?

Maybe, the battles with dragons were really fought.

And all the scattered dreams were just tears,

the forbidden fruit was nothing but fear.

What if the genie’s wish, was only a bait dear?

Did the dragons really breath fire?

Or were they the demons of our burning desire.


Are we even real and do we see,

realty the way it is supposed to be.

Were we ever free?

Or our freedom was gone,

as soon as we were born.


You, the ship of Theaseus

With the history of a blank page,
The ship set its sails for the first time.
On board with Theaseus were a few Athenians,
Who were to sail for glory,
And to earn a dime.

Songs with their names would echo they thought,
Indeed it happened with the treasures they brought.
But in every travel the ship lost a hand,
And it was replaced by a stronger by a stronger man,
And every broken piece of wood was replaced with a new plank.

In no time the names from the songs changed,
The broken planks were forgotten.
All the old sails sank in Mediterranean,
Were replaced by new cotton.

The glory chasing purpose transformed to trade.
What will happen to its name,
What will be the ships fate!
Was it Theaseus or the crew,
Or was it the purpose that held it all together.
Or is it the travel of time the ship saw,
That will make it unique forever.