Am I free

Tried to Open my eyes this morning,
Found my eyelids were in chains.
They were heavy and I was unable to see,
And this feeling pertained.
Somehow with half of the visual,
I interpreted the world.

Bumping every other minute into someone,
I walked cursing the world.
With a few distorted colours I saw,
I inferred how everything looks.
The missing shades and the lines,
My ignorant mind readily cooked.

Somehow i Got into conflict,
with everyone who came along and disagreed.

Trusting my vision that was too limited,
And mind that was not free.
I walked down the road
As if I was the only one who could see.

Deep down I guess I knew,
This wasn’t the reality.
My mind soon was flooded,
With questions on logic, reason and morality.
Agitated that day,
I sat around the corner.
To my surprise what I notice was clinging chains everywhere.


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