The fortune teller

Shadows moving West to East,

and faces flowing like a stream.

Someone sitting across the road,

lost in dreams.

With a stick in his hand and

A coin in pocket,

He wants to change the world.

With a blurry vision and foggy eyes,

he looks at the sun.

Shoots at strangers with his stick,

Pretending it’s a gun.

Thought he was a fortune teller,

and that he could see through.

By tossing a coin he decides, for his dreams to come true.

With many thoughts and a few dreams,

confused and lost he seemed.

Thinking was it gold, was it peace

or was it love, of that he dreamt.



3 thoughts on “The fortune teller

  1. Dedicated to a friend who is a bit tired, a bit confused and in the chaos situations have created for him at the moment. The blurry vision and the foggy eyes will soon go away my friend, all you need to do is keep walking, the winter will pass and there will be sun soon.

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