Demon Slayer

This is the story of the boy that i knew.

Thought he could bring down the mountain if he wanted to.

Unaware and Ignorant,

all the things in the world he wanted to do.


Had no mirror to show him his strength,

Nor anyone to reflect his weakness.

With closed eyes he thought he could play chess.

One day packed his bag with all of his mess,

left for a trip thinking he was blessed.


And as he traveled he saw himself,

in his shadow,

as sometimes a dwarf and sometimes an elf.

In every step he was perplexed.

The carefree steps were now complex.

And a little smile was also heavily taxed.


He reached a desert with a demon to fight.

Ferocious it was, and ready to bite.

The boy picked the knife and held his nerves tight.

I will slay the demon and then there will be light.


He thought, despite the beating he got

he still fought.

Kept on getting up and the demon finally lost.

He said,

It’s done now and enough i have bled.

With overwhelming joy he tossed his head.


Then an unknown voice from somewhere said,

This ain’t the end and wont be over unless you are dead.


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